Breaking Up New Grounds in Political Consulting, Data Research, Management Consulting and Human Resource Services.

The StevenHaastrup Group is a people-focused company that provides cutting-edge consulting services to clients across Nigeria and Africa. Our consulting services span several spheres of our emerging society, like political and governance consulting, corporate and management consulting, data research and analysis, virtual and digital learning, and diaspora human resources..

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The StevenHaastrup Group

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Change is rapidly occurring on the African continent, and we need an Afro-centric solution to sustain the change we want, hence the possibilities inherent in the StevenHaastrup Group

Cardinal is a political and public governance consulting firm.
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Principal Intel is a data research firm used by people and governments.
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CLD is a customized digital learning platform.
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DHR is a foreign talent sourcing and exchange firm.
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SHC is a management consulting and training firm.
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